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About Us

My partner at the time, now my husband suggested that I check put the grooming business, he said his Aunt Helen had a grooming business and did well. I was not sure about grooming at the time but knew the pet business was a growing industry but did not know how much.Princess, Oreo & me

Motivated by the data and my love for animals and the inspiration of our little dog Princess who was a human in a little dogs body and was so helpful keeping me calm in times of personal insecurities and turmoil.

I remember sitting and starting to design our Logo that started out being a PAW with Pup E Cutz written on the toes and ended out being the Pup E Car side with a paw on it. Pup E Cutz for me has been more an exercise, therapy and a chance to learn animals up close and personal.

I sat and drew a plan of what I would like the shop to look like as we looked for a location. After looking for what seemed for ever my husband saw the sign for the location we are in and when we walked in it was perfect. Small and it looked like me; my little princess seemed to like it too and marked her territory! This was a first and I took it as a sign.

My Princess was my friend and I loved her. I knew how some people felt for their pets what I felt for my baby. I decided to learn more than work, my little shop became my little lab. I experimented and looked for shampoos and conditioners, tools, furniture and animal behavior.

Now when people walk in and see the harmony between animals the cleanliness of our shop and the how beautiful our pets us we are when they are ready to leave gives us great pride that your pet will have the best experience of his or her life.